Interim Service from £85**

(Recommended every 6 months or Manufacturers Mileage Advised)


- Check top up levels under bonnet

- Renew engine oil (special oils incur additional charges)

- Renew engine oil filter* & air filter*

- Add screen wash

- Battery health check

- Steering check

- Visual brake analysis

- Suspension check

- Inspection of Exhaust system

- Check tyre tread depth and condition

- Fault/advisories diagnosis record

- Service book stamped


Option 4

** Price includes labour and VAT

* Parts can be supplied or we can supply at additional cost. Incorrect parts supplied by the customer will not be fitted but labour will still be charged



- All of the Interim Service

+ Full analysis of brake pad wear by wheel removal

+ Replace fuel filter* when required

+ Replace spark plugs* (petrol vehicles)/glow plugs* (diesel)

+ Check and advise timing belt

+ Clean/Replace pollen filter*

+ Check brake fluid viscosity

+ Replace any bulbs as required

Full Service from £135.00**

Choose the service that suits you.

BGG (2)
* Required

Telephone 01242 317295

Basic Oil and Filter Change




ECU Readings & Diagnostics

with latest oscilliscope technology


- for £50 plus parts and oil

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